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A Gentleman's Dignity South Korean Romantic Comedy TV Series 신사의 품격

Title: A Gentleman's Dignity
Known as: 신사의 품격
Type: Romance, Comedy, Drama
Format: Television series
Written by: Kim Eun-sook
Directed by: Shin Woo-chul, Kwon Hyeok-chan
Starring: Jang Dong-gun, Kim Ha-neul, Kim Min-jong, Kim Soo-ro, Lee Jong-hyuk
Country of origin: South Korea
Language(s): Korean
No. of episodes: 20
Location(s): Korea
Running time: Saturday & Sunday 22:00 (KST)
Original channel: SBS
Original airing: May 26, 2012 - August 12, 2012
Preceded by: Dummy Mommy (South Korea)
Followed by: Five Fingers

Jang Dong-gun as Kim Do-jin
Kim Ha-neul as Seo Yi-soo
Kim Min-jong as Choi Yoon
Kim Soo-ro as Im Tae-san
Lee Jong-hyuk as Lee Jung-ro
Yoon Se-ah as Hong Se-ra
Yoon Jin-yi as Im Meari
Kim Jung-nan as Park Min-sook
Lee Jong-hyun as Colin
Kim Woo-bin as Kim Dong-hyub

Extended cast
Park Joo-mi as Kim Eun-hee, Colin's mother
Nam Hyun-joo as Teacher Park
Park Ah-in as Attorney Kang
Yoon Joo-man as Team leader Choi
Min Jae-sik as Mango Six Cafe manager
Kim Chang-seong as Sang-hyun
Kim Geun as Kim Geun (Hwa Dam's employee)
Lee Joon-hee as Kwon (Hwa Dam's employee)
Jo Hyeon-gyu as Hyeong-gyu (Hwa Dam's employee)
Han Eun Sun as Young-ran (Hwa Dam's employee) Ahn Jae-min as Yoo Seong-jae
Kim Yun-seo as Kim Eun-ji (Do-jin's ex-girlfriend)
Lee Yong-ih as Lee Mi-kyung (Yoon's late wife's mother)
Kim Sun-hwa as Director Song

Cha Hwa-yeon as Yi-soo's mother (ep. 16 & 19)
Ahn Hye-kyeong as Yoon's client (ep. 2 & 10)
Kim Kwang-kyu as High school teacher (ep.4)
Hwang Eun Soo as Hong Se-ra's junior golfer (ep. 9 & 12)
Sa-hee as Do-jin's seducer in the pub in (ep. 1)
Kim Dong-gyun as Na Jong-seok (ep. 11)
Choi Sung-jo as Min-sook's fitness trainer (ep. 3)
Hyejeong (from AOA) as Na Jong-seok's daughter (ep. 3)
Sooyoung as herself (ep. 5)
Jung Yong-hwa as himself and a past student of Yi-soo (ep. 13)
Juniel as street performer at Hongdae playground (ep. 13)
Kim Sung-oh as army instructor (ep. 15)
Jang Joon-yoo as Tae-san's blind date (ep. 16)
Bae Ji-hyun as reporter (ep. 20)

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