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Eat Bulaga Indonesian Network Obtains Franchise

The biggest news for today is not about the celebrity feud. But about to new accomplishment in our Entertainment industry. Philippine is always known to acquiring hit show. But this time, we had made a history. A Philippine show had been acquire by other countries.

Now for the first time ever, another country is franchising a local TV show. Eat Bulaga, the longest-running variety show in the Philippines will premiere in Indonesia this July 16, 2012 over Surya Citra Televisi or SCTV.

It will be hosted by a cast of 14, including: Uya Kuya, Aja Farid, Reza No, Ramzi, Narji, Ciripa, Rian Ibram, Rio Indrawan, Steven, Leo Consul, Selena Alexandria, Jenny Tan, Bianca Lizza and Julie Christie.

“We want this program to be a success like in the Philippines, where it has been running for the past 33 years,” said Harsiwi Achmad, Director of Programs and Production at Studio Penta SCTV.

“We’re not adapting 100% of the Philippines’ Eat Bulaga but will format in accordance with the state and introduce positive values, ​​environmental campaigns, and sharing with others,” said Harsiwi.
The variety show will be packed with talent searches and games that will give away prizes and surprises in cash and in goods.

Content will include segments like Bolagaan, Karaoke Stud, Indonesia Genius, and One For All, All For One.
Translated, the title Eat Bulaga is derived from a game of peekaboo. The show can be followed by all ages.

Eat Bulaga as the first international franchise of our show will be launched at 4 p.m. in Indonesia

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