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Girls Generation (SNSD) | Sonyeo Shidae - So Nyuh Shi Dae SoShi - Sonyeo Shidae - GG

From left to right: Taeyeon, Hyoyeon, Seohyun, Sooyoung, Yoona, Jessica, Tiffany, Sunny and Yuri.
Girls’ Generation (SNSD)
Also known as SNSD, SoShi, Sonyeo Shidae, GG
Origin Seoul, South Korea
Type: K-pop, pop, dance-pop, teen pop, bubblegum pop, electropop,  R&B
Years active: 2007–present
Labels: SM Entertainment,  Nayutawave (Japan), Interscope (United States), Polydor (France)
Associated acts: SM Town, TaeTiSeo

Girls' Generation (Sonyeo Shidae or So Nyuh Shi Dae) is a nine-member South Korean pop girl group formed by S.M. Entertainment in 2007. They are also referred to as SoShi (소시) or SNSD by their fans, both abbreviated forms of the group's Korean name.

They gained notoriety at the beginning of their career with songs like "Into The New World", "Kissing You" and "Baby Baby". Establishing their image as the girl next door, very much like Britney Spears in the beginning of her career. However, it was not until 2009, they gained immense popularity with the song "Gee", which holds the record for being the longest running No. 1 song on KBS Music Bank, having held the No. 1 chart ranking for nine consecutive weeks. "Gee" was named song of the decade by the Korean music site, Melon. The video also holds the record for the most amount of views for a KPop video on YouTube, with over 75 million views by the end of May, 2012. The group solidified their place in the Korean music industry with follow-up singles like "Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)", "Run Devil Run" and "Oh!"

Stage nameBirth nameDate of birth
Taeyeon태연/太妍Kim Tae-yeon김태연/金太妍March 9, 1989 (age 23)
Jessica제시카/潔西卡Jessica Jung, Jung Soo-yeon제시카 정, 정수연/鄭秀妍April 18, 1989 (age 23)
Sunny써니/珊妮Lee Soon-kyu이순규/李順圭May 15, 1989 (age 23)
Tiffany티파니/蒂芙尼Stephanie Hwang, Hwang Mi-young스테파니 황, 황미영/黃美英August 1, 1989 (age 22)
Hyoyeon효연/孝淵Kim Hyo-yeon김효연/金孝淵September 22, 1989 (age 22)
Yuri유리/侑莉Kwon Yu-ri권유리/權俞利December 5, 1989 (age 22)
Sooyoung수영/秀英Choi Soo-young최수영/崔秀英February 10, 1990 (age 22)
Yoona윤아/潤娥Im Yoon-ah임윤아/林潤娥May 30, 1990 (age 22)
Seohyun서현/徐賢Seo Joo-hyun서주현/徐珠玄June 28, 1991 (age 20)

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