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Jermaine Paul The Voice Season 2 Grand winner

The Voice" has crowned its Season 2 winner: Jermaine Paul, representing Team Blake.
Team Cee Lo's Juliet Simms came in second; Team Adam's Tony Lucca came in third; and Team Christina's Chris Mann came in fourth.

Season 2 winner Jermaine -- a former back-up singer for Alicia Keys -- was the last man standing in Tuesday's Season 2 finale on NBC, which boasted celebrity performances, plus more songs from the four finalists and other favorite former contestants.
Jermaine Paul The Voice Season 2 Grand winner

Jermaine Paul – Team Blake – “Livin’ On Prayer” by Bon Jovi
Christina Aguilera: When you are up there it goes really really fast. You worked the stage. I don’t get the song choice. Blake Shelton: I don’t care what Christina says. I think girls tend to like you singing that song.

Chris Mann – Team Christina – “Bridge Over Troubled Water” by Simon and Garfunkle
Adam Levine: That was great. It sounds amazing. Cee Lo Green: (Speechless) That was a wonderful performance. There’s nothing wrong I can say about you. Christina Aguilera: It was so beautiful and heartfelt. Thank you for making me a proud coach.’

Raelynn – Team Blake – “Wake Up Call” by Maroon 5
Adam Levine: You broke my heart twice: when you pick me and you did my song and did good. Christina Aguilera: Are you allowed to grind your hips like that? Blake Shelton: You are representing the new generation of country music.

Moses Stone – Team Christina – “Stronger/Power ” by Kanye West
Adam Levine: You know how to entertain people. You have more potential as a singer more than a rapper. Cee Lo Green: You are a natural on stage, I like your style. Christina Aguilera: You make me so excited. Blake Shelton: I can already hear an improvement in your vocal.

Naia Kete – Team Blake – “Turning Tables” by Adele
Christina Aguilera: It was cool, but I would like a reggae choice. Blake Shelton: Naia is more than just reggae. Your tender moments were just special.

Lindsey Paveo – Team Christina – “Somebody That I Used to Know” by Goyet
Adam Levine: Those dudes in the clown suits freaked me out. Christina Aguilera: You came up with the arrangement. You bring your own unique style.

Jordis Unga – Team Blake – “Alone” by Heart
Cee Lo Green: I enjoyed the staging. Blake Shelton: That is the opposite of playing it safe.

Sera Hill – Team Christina – “Find Your Love” by Drake
Christina Aguilera: You look gorgeous. Blake Shelton: It was hard to get past the male strippers.

Erin Willett – Team Blake – “Living For the City” by Stevie Wonder
Cee Lo Green: You are just a champion. It was a great performance. Blake Shelton: The best technically and passionately tonight.

Ashley De La Rosa – Team Christina – “Right Through You” by Alanis Morissette
Adam Levine: You are the most improved by far. Christina Aguilera: This is like VMA type staging. You really brought it up there.

Charlotte Sometimes – Team Blake – “Misery Business” by Paramore
Adam Levine: That was great. You have such a unique voice. There was some flatness and pitch stuff. Christina Aguilera: It was dramatic. You were also subtle in the right spots. Blake Shelton: This was Charlotte’s idea for the arrangement. She’s a true artist.

Jesse Campbell – Team Christina – “What A Wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong
Adam Levine: You’re the dude to beat. To my team: here’s the dude you have to beat. Cee Lo Green: Your voice is almost as beautiful as my hair. I’m biased to my team — but you are that one dude… If someone from my team doesn’t win, I’m rooting for you. Christina Aguilera: Jesse you can sing the alphabet!
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