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With the Queen of Comedy: Petra Mahalimuyak

There are thousands of comedians in Youtube who could make you laugh, but there is only one Queen of Comedy who reigns. Ashley Rivera, best-known as "Petra Mahalimuyak", is a sexy Filipina star who knows how to shine her viewers with her funny videos.

She has over 20,000 subscribers in her Youtube kingdom, and I could tell that she's not taking her crown off anytime soon. With her thick Filipina accent, eye-candy presence, and skits that will make you want to see them over and over again, who could possibly dethrone her?
With the Queen of Comedy: Petra Mahalimuyak


New Youtube Sensation name Ashley Rivera aka “Petra Mahalimuyak” from the Philippines living in Vegas. she is crazy girl who loves to dance & have fun.

Petra Mahalimuyak / Ashley Rivera said

I usually don’t take myself seriously. That’s one of the reasons why i don’t care if i look or act stupid. I love making people laugh. I laugh with them or (sometimes) at them. ) So, i thought of making my channel to show you guys my randomness.
I was able to get in touch with Petra. Check out this interview:

Jake: So when did you decide to make this series of videos? How did it start?

With the Queen of Comedy: Petra Mahalimuyak
Petra: My very first video was uploaded on Facebook (Oct. 2009) as a joke. I was dressed as a man, lip-syncing a Filipino rapper named Loonie. My friends ...
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